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What is Raw Veganism?

Hello and welcome! This is our very first post, so we will start by defining what Raw Veganism is: a diet which combines veganism (no animal products including meat, fish and dairy) and raw foodism. Raw foodism is a lifestyle promoting the consumption of 100% un-cooked un-processed, and organic foods. In other words, raw foodism is food at its most natural state.

Cooking foods destroys the complex balance of micronutrients or trace elements which are the essential nutrients for health and longevity. Also in the cooking process, dangerous chemicals are produced due to the heat interaction with fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Raw vegan also provides a diet at a higher energy frequency. Therefore, eating raw vegan has a direct connection with spiritual evolution and help with reaching higher consciousness. The raw food movement looks at the way food, living, treatment of the earth, our treatment of each other, and our quest for physical, spiritual, and mental health all fit together. Therefore, it is also a philosophy.

Welcome the life into your body. Make this change. Nourish it consciously!

2 Responses to “What is Raw Veganism?”

  1. Mads

    could you give some examples or meals diaries to follow? Week routines of food? Where we get different supplies of protein, fibre ect. How much we should be eating of certain foods? Any side affects we would experience? Thanks!


    • Diana Paez

      Hi Mads,

      Please look through my book section, you will find tons of great resources there for every question you have. The best way is to learn about this lifestyle is to read about it. Good luck!



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