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Who says you can’t have muscles with a raw vegan diet?

It’s funny to me when I occasionally encounter the ‘manly-man’ that immediately dismisses veganism as some type of skinny “chick-diet”. There are so many types of pre-conceived notions and stereotypes about this lifestyle, and the funny part is how instead of just asking about it, all of a sudden, they’re a nutrition and fitness expert that knows exactly what it takes to build strength and muscle – and it’s not diet. Well, manly-man (or skeptic), you’re in for a treat today!

Here is a collection of the most incredible Raw Vegan Muscle and Power videos I’ve found so far on YouTube. Get ready to be amazed (and inspired)!


Paul Risse – This man is a true beast. The craziest hand stand push ups, pull ups, side ups (I don’t even know what you call those), I’ve ever seen!


Frank Medrano – Superhuman Bodyweight Workout Domination – WOW!
Vegan bodybuilder Frank Medrano joins a growing number of athletes and bodybuilders whose phenomenal fitness and peak physical performance are powered exclusively by plants.


Awesome talk + Dr. Robert Cesar shows us his 8 PACK with Raw Vegan Foods


Absolutely Ripped Six Pack- Secrets Revealed! But Wait! Where do you get your protein?


Hardest Pushups in the Planet- Dr. Doug Graham, author of the 80-10-10 Diet, 100% Raw Vegan, and 58 Years of Age!


Lou Corona
He’s in his 60’s, doesn’t even look like it and just look at this amazing stunt he can do!


Mac Danzig – UFC Fighter on 80-10-10 Raw Vegan Diet


Incredible Raw Vegan Parkour
Adam Frewer has some powerful and useful words to share, for all of those interested in either the 80/10/10 Diet and/or parkour/freerunning


U.S. Runner of the Year is Raw Vegan


World Class Bodybuilder 100% Raw Vegan

How amazing is that?! When the body receives what it truly needs, look how optimized we can become.


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