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The Law of Attraction, Raw Foods and Quantum Physics

In my personal experience, only after a few months of eating a 90-100% living plant-based diet, I feel that my connection with my inner-self, higher-self, spirit guides, whatever you may call it has vastly improved. Meditation is easier, focus and clarity grows increasingly, and my intuition is in a whole other level. I’ve been more drawn to spiritual practices, and doing this has unfolded amazing experiences in my life. I feel that I have control over what I attract into my life more than ever before. As if my ability to manifest what I want in my life is becoming easier and easier. Then I read a passage in a book that just made sense of it all. The following brilliant and inspiring excerpt is from Tonya Zavasta’s book, Quantum Eating. You can find the link to the book under my Books page.

“Robert K. Merton explored the concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy in his book Social Theory and Social Structure. His inspiration stemmed from the Thomas Theorem: If men define situations as real,  they are real in their consequences. Merton believed that the more a person concentrates on a merely possible event, the more likely it is to become reality. His fictive example was actually echoed in the American depression of the 1930s: A bank collapses owing to rumors of its failing. The bank is solvent until enough customers believe in the rumor to withdraw their money, causing a bank run that leads to its failure. We call this the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction responds to all kinds of “vibrations”, just as the law of gravity consistently responds to all of the physical matter making up a planet, or electrical laws consistently respond to all electrical charges.

You know the times when everything goes wrong. Trouble seems to come when you’re already down. Numerous proverbs, folk tales, and fables perpetuate this familiar idea—they’re part of our universal human experience. Even the most scientifically minded among us sometimes think it: Bad news comes in threes. We put the thought out of our mind—That’s silly, we say to ourselves, whistling in the dark. It’s irrational, we say. Snap out of it. Yet back it creeps: Trouble attracts trouble.

Quantum physics explains this phenomenon. Quantum physics teaches that we are not only the observers of reality but also participants. We get what we don’t want because we expend more energy focusing on negative aspects that might happen instead of focusing on what we want to happen. As a result, you bring about what you most fear.

If you looked at yourself under a powerful electron microscope, you’d find you’re made up of chunks of ever changing energy in the form of electrons, neutrons, photons, and other elemental particles. So are your bedroom slippers, your Uncle Bob, the Ford Focus in your driveway, and everything else in the known Universe.

What we experience as the physical world is actually a vast field of flashing, flickering energy. Nothing is literally solid. In  a way, it is our attention that assembles and holds together this ever-changing energy field, letting us perceive the “objects” we see.

The longer you follow the raw food lifestyle, Quantum Eating in particular, the more you become aware of your own vibrational nature. It’s as if the energy you’re emanating is of higher frequency and larger amplitude, the longer and more faithfully you follow good eating practices. Your intuition, your ability to visualize and predict outcomes, your capacity to make your dreams materialize, all become more developed than when you ate cooked food. Once you know how the micro-world works, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. You can literally fashion your own reality.

The Law of Attraction says that like is drawn to like. Bear with me as I give you an ultra-simplified version of this phenomenon from a quantum physics perspective.

We all know what it is to tune in a radio station. Vibration is a periodic motion, and all periodic motions can resonate with an external force at the correct frequency. What makes a radio tune into a specific frequency? The circuit is designed to have a natural frequency of vibration for its alternating current, which is adjustable. When adjusted to match the frequency of your favorite radio station, resonance occurs and the radio will pick up energy from the radio waves and build up a large oscillation.

Resonance works in radio, television, and cell phones. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work in your thinking. Thoughts and feelings, beyond being biochemical impulses, are electromagnetic patterns of energy that will externally resonate with everything having the same frequency. When you vibrate emotions of particular frequency, everything of that same natural frequency will be activated.

Similar entities  have the same natural frequency. Everything having the same frequency as your vibrating thought will pick up energy from your thought waves and build up a larger wave. When your thought’s frequency matches the natural frequency of an object, that object will begin to resonate. Your desire (vibration) adds energy at just the right moment during the oscillation cycle so that the oscillation is enforced.

Let me give you a simple analogy to remember whenever you want to apply the Law. Pretend you’re in many-tongued Babel (Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9-the origin of diverse human languages).

You desperately need something, if only to find the way out of this crazy city. You cry aloud in English (the only frequency you have) hoping someone will understand. If you know another language, you might try it, too. In this case, you will be vibrating at two frequencies. Suddenly, you hear your native tongue! In this sea of babbling, you recognize a word or sentence you can understand. You get excited, just as the person who heard you does, and you both begin speaking even louder. The two of you have just made a connection at a frequency very different from the sea of shouting people surrounding you. You attracted the person who speaks your language. In the same way, vibrations of similar frequencies recognize each other and create a resonance. In this way, what you need to fulfill your highly desired dream—whether this be a person, a book, or an idea—will be revealed to you.

The Law of Attraction is impersonal. The Law sees to it that all thoughts with matching frequencies find one another and stick together. When you hold the image of your goal in mind, you are vibrating in harmony—in resonance—with every particle of energy necessary for the manifestation of your image on the physical plane. Everything needs to manifest your desire will reveal itself.

The connection is established whether or not you’re aware of it. We might call it the Law of Amplification or the Law of Connection rather than the Law of Attraction, because the attraction is happening through the amplification of all you need to reach your goal and you are connecting to it. Concentrating on something “invites” that something into your experience. The subject of your attention will begin moving toward you.

Through your observation, you are actually creating a vibration. Thinking about something is inviting this something into your experience. The subject of your attention will be drawn toward you. Your intense focus of an object or desire becomes a laser ray which activates that vibrational content, turning it into your point of attraction. If you want something, allow it to vibrate within you, without restriction or reservation. Let yourself burn with this desire or want. Obsess on it. Without a hint of no. Without the negativity of but what if?  This is the only way to make it happen. But if at the same time you have been letting fears or insecurities slip through, you’ll create other, conflicting vibrations that negate the positive force of your dream. Our thoughts and energies that determine how we experience the physical world. This explains why positive thinking, prayer, faith, creativity, goal-setting and visualization all work in our creation of our own worlds.

Constantly focusing on the negative is nothing more than a bad habit. Break it. The essential thing to remember about the Law of Attraction is that it does not discriminate between what you do want to happen and what you don’t want to happen. The Law responds only to the strength of your wanting. If you expend your energy on intense thoughts and emotions, they’d better be positive, because you are disrupting their energy fields and drawing them to you. Whether you’re thinking I want this or I am afraid of that—it’s already on it’s way! Your life is what you think it is. Your thinking makes it what it becomes. Be safe. Don’t think negative thoughts. The best way to start is by avoiding negative words. Steer clear as much as you can of “not” words. Can’t….won’t…don’t. Replace them with their positive, affirming equivalents: I can..I will reconsider…I will change.

We must live in a continuous state of gratitude. To feel unloved and unworthy is to resist. Give up feeling like a victim. To allow yourself to feel blessed and worthy of good things is to allow more good things to come. Every time you give thanks to God, you’re saying you want more of similar blessings. Be in a state of grace, appreciation, and thanks-giving. I stopped long ago praying for things that I do not have. I only give praise for what I do have. As soon as I adopted this attitude, the frequency of “bad” things happening dropped tenfold.

Gratitude opens you’re life to overflowing blessings. When you give thanks for everything that comes your way, even the bad things, you acknowledge that good always triumphs. Whenever there is a problem, there is always a solution. Whenever life throws you into a pit, there is always a ladder hidden somewhere for you to climb out. No matter how much may be lost to circumstance, there is still so much left to appreciate. Someone said: “If you can’t be thankful for what you receive, be thankful for what you escape”. Think of all the suffering that have not been inflicted upon you.

By thinking positive, loving thoughts, you send a message: You have learned your lessons. By being grateful, you are vibrating that you are already in the state of grace, that you do not need more suffering to bring you to a blissful state of contentment. Have a thankful heart! It will be your guardian angel. Quantum physics supports the observation that we are most grateful for stays with us, and what we have been taking for granted is most likely to leave us first.”

-Tonya Zavasta, Quantum Eating

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