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Raw Vegan Brownie Recipe

One of my favorite things about raw veganism is the ability to make RAWmazing, guilt-free deserts – within minutes! With a food processor, the possibilities in your kitchen are endless! This recipe is so easy and quick to make (and incredibly delicious), you’ll wonder why you never knew about this.

2 heaping tbsps. of Raw Cacao or Raw Carob powder
3/4 Cups Raisins
1/4 Cup of your favorite nuts (optional-adds nice flavor and taste)
8 soft, ooey gooey Medjool Dates
Rasberries (to garnish)
Coconut flakes (optional)

Place the raisins, nuts, carob / cacao powder, and dates into your food processor. Mix until the ingredients are spread evenly ( it’ll becomes a big blob stuck together). Remove from processor and press the mixture into a square piece. Rub extra carob / cacao powder all over it, as well as coconut flakes. Garnish with raspberries!

Serves 2. Enjoy!

Here you can find the magical food processor I use (and love).

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