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Research Studies on the Energy of Live Foods

A tremendous amount of extra energy is available in live foods. One of the studies that most demonstrates this was done in Russia by Dr. Israel Brekman. The experiment was simple. He fed the same mice cooked food and live food at different times–same food, same mice, with the only difference being that the food was either cooked or uncooked. He measured the amount of energy and endurance the mice had when they were eating only live foods, and when eating the same amounts of food in its cooked state. The mice had three times more energy and endurance on the live food than when they were eating cooked food. If nutrition were a simple matter of calories, there should be no difference in endurance and power between eating the live and cooked food. However, there clearly was a difference in the effect. This is because foods are not simply calories. This calorie paradigm, developed in 1789, is completely out of date, even though it is still being used by people in nutritional sciences.

Cooked Foods & Infertility
Another study by Francis M. Pottenger brought up an even more worrying trend, he found feeding cats a diet consisting solely of cooked foods would eventually lead to infertility; Potenger fed two sets of cats, one with cooked and one with raw foods, and whilst the raw food cats thrived and produced healthy offspring free from degenerative disease generation after generation, the cats served the cooked diet were gradually consumed by ever increasing incidences of degenerative diseases until by the 4th generation, well there wasn’t a fourth generation, the cooked food diet had created so many health problems the 3rd generation of cats in this study were unable to procreate. This to me is an incredibly worrying statistic, particularly in a world where we are becoming more and more reliant on the work of fertility treatment to produce our offspring and problems such as premature births, diabetes, asthma and other illnesses are becoming more and more prevalent amongst the young.

This shows us that we need a huge shift towards a diet consisting of predominantly live raw foods, which can be categorized as raw uncooked foods, naturally fermented foods such as sauerkraut and miso, sprouted grains and seeds, soaked nuts, and dehydrated foods where the temperature does not exceed 118°F, basically foods that maintain all their natural enzymes intact. This ensures the body does not have to waste too much energy in digesting heavy proteins or starchy carbohydrates, as many of these enzyme rich foods will digest without need for increased secretion of digestive enzymes.

A move in this direction could go a long way into improving the health of the nation, and reduce the incidences of degenerative diseases in a society growing more sick and tired by the generation, especially as the first fossilized evidence of degenerative diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis were discovered to hail from around the same time as cooked foods are thought to have originated.

Taking all this evidence into account I think the time has finally come to put the old paradigm of eating for calories etc to bed, as food can give us much more than this when eaten in its natural raw and live state, and especially when study after study has shown increased energy levels, reduced illness and lower incidences of degenerative disease as an individual’s diet increases its focus toward a predominantly raw and live food base with disregard for calorie content.

We are the only species on this planet that eats cooked food and coincidentally are again the only species out of 800 million, when found in their natural habitat, to suffer the ever increasing number of degenerative diseases that we do!!

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