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Low Fat Tahini Orange Dressing

It’s easy to make a salad, but when it comes to dressing many people often scratch their heads because they’re used to buying the dressings on the shelves grocery stores. But please don’t do this! Making your own dressing is so much healthier AND tastier! It’s free of preservatives, hydrogenated oils (which defeat the purpose of eating a healthy salad), gmos and other toxic wastes that you do not want in your precious body. And it really doesn’t have to be complicated!

Check out this sweet & tangy, absolutely delicious dressing I whipped up last night:

– 2 Whole oranges peeled
– 1 Tbsp of Stone Ground Mustard (or 1 tsp of mustard seeds)
– 1 Tbsp Tahini (or 1/4 cup of sesame seeds)
– 4 Dates
– 1 Tbsp cayenne (or jalapeno / habanero)
– 1/4 cup water
– 1 pinch of Pink Himalayan salt

If you have a little bit left over, store in an air tight jar in the fridge, it will stay fresh about 2-3 days.


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