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Beautiful Quote on Raw Veganism

As an artist who has recently switched my diet and lifestyle to raw vegan, I couldn’t agree more with this statement by Joe Alexander.

“Vegetarians don’t believe in killing for food, but too often they kill their food by cooking it! I consider that my most outstanding discovery in life is the value of raw food diet in increasing the beauty, clarity and strength of one’s artwork.

The greatest value of the raw food diet is its transformative value. To a great extent, when you take up the raw food diet, you become a new, different and better person. You don’t just stay the old person, only a little healthier. You become, to a great extent, a new being with new interests, a new philosophy and outlook on life, new goals and desires. You become more of your essence, your true and natural self. You become a person who is more a part of the one great life of Nature and less of the confused human world. You become less “of the world” and more “of the Earth.”

-Raw Foodist and Visual Artist Joe Alexander
Right you are Mr. Alexander, right you are. ❤ The evidence of his words presented itself quite clear to me after about 3-4 months of keeping my diet over 95% raw.

p.s. If you’re interested in checking out my artwork visit: http://www.dianapaez.com.

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