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Wow. You Can LITERALLY Think With Your Heart

Ever wonder why we use all these terms about our heart such as ‘feeling from your heart’, ‘follow your heart’, ‘heart-broken’, ‘speaking from your heart’, ‘heart skips a beat’, etc.? Why do we associate the heart with love, if we’ve been taught that all it really does is pump our blood?

Science in the last decade has been discovering that our heart has network of brain cells with over 40,000 neural connections!

And here’s something really cool I recently learned: The heart is the first thing to be formed in a fetus. Long before the brain. The heart is beating before the brain is even created. This means that the source of the heartbeat is in the heart, not the brain. Therefore, it has its own mind. The brain is kind of like the RAM in a computer, and your heart would be something like the processor. Your heart is affected by emotion and when you feel something from the heart, it literally is from the heart yet we give our brain all credit.

Throughout history, across many, many religions and belief systems, the heart was always considered the center of the being, the source of spiritual wisdom and insight, thought, emotion, and the connection to the divine.


The ancient Egyptians believed that all thought and life emerged from the heart, which is why they threw away the brain after the Pharaoh died, but left the heart in the body. They felt the being would need it in the next incarnation, so they left it there. But the brain was useless?

Modern Western scientific thought places the heart as just a ‘pump’. However, in the last few years science has begun to go full circle in realizing and understanding what these ancient civilizations knew and thought.

In the field of neurocardiology, science has discovered that the heart possesses its own intrinsic networking system. A network of BRAIN cells with over 40,000 neurons! This gives the heart the ability to independently send and process information. Even make decisions and demonstrate a type of learning and memory. This means you can think with your heart!

The heart is a truly intelligent system. It has also been found that the heart is a hormone gland manufacturing and secreting numerous hormones that profoundly affect the body’s and brain’s functions. It secretes hormones such as oxytocin (the bonding hormone or “love” and “peace” hormone).


Science is also beginning to understand that the electromagnetic field around the heart has a powerful effect on not just the human body but others around you as well. And here’s an interesting fact: 
The electrical impulse of each heart beat can be measured 3 to 4 feet from the body.

 The electrical impulse of the heart is 40 – 60 times stronger than the brain. It is many more times stronger than any other electrical impulse in the body. Research has also shown that the heart is the key component of the emotional system. The heart not only responds to emotions, but the signals it sends out dramatically affects the quality of the emotional experience from moment to moment. The heart also plays a key role in accessing our intuition. Yet in school, we’ve been taught that the heart is constantly responding to orders from the brain, but what’s less commonly talked about is that the brain receives even more orders from the heart. We’ve been doing it backwards!

These signals have a significant effect on our brain function influencing our attention, perception, memory and problem solving.

Guide yourself from your heart, not from your brain. When you allow negative emotions to “get to you”, you disconnect from your ability to think clearly, remember things, learn lessons, reason and make effective decisions. Which explains why often we act impulsively and unwisely under stress.

Lotus Mudra: a symbol of purity that helps to open the heart center.

Lotus Mudra: a symbol of purity that helps to open the heart center.

Live in your heart, for the heart is the center of “Unity Consciousness”. Where the brain is the center of “Duality Consciousness”. It clearly shows this in how they’re made. The brain has the two hemispheres. The heart is a place of unity. By letting our brains lead, we live a polarized life, and lost all our connections to the Universal consciousness called Unity. The shift in consciousness that is taking place right now is a movement from the brain, back into the heart, where we will once again know and understand the Universe and unconditional love for everyone and all things regardless of who they are and what damage they’ve done to themselves and others. This is why all the ancient and current spiritual teachings show us that the way to live is in the heart.

Yoga, meditation, long breathing and living the truth of unity in every action and interaction will get us closer to our heart space. Love you all.

Profile3Thank you for reading! This article was written by Diana Paez, a living foods devotee, natural hygienist, and raw chef in the making.  If you liked this post, and want to show your appreciation please like, share or comment below. I’d love to hear from you! I am always open to any questions, suggestions, or comments. You are more than welcome to share the information in this article in your own blog or page, all I ask is that you link back to this post. Love, Peace and Health to you, friends. 

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