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Standard Diet vs. Raw Food Diet vs. Chimpanzee Diet

Standard diet vs raw vs chimpanzee
In search for the perfect human diet, Victoria Boutenko compares the standard American diet with the diet of wild chimpanzees. These animals possess an extremely strong natural immunity to AIDS, Hepatitis C, cancer and other fatal human illnesses. CHIMPANZEES SHARE AN ESTIMATED 99.4% OF GENES WITH HUMANS, but their diet is dramatically different from ours. The most glaring difference is that chimpanzees consume significantly more green leaves than humans.

I always thought that chimpanzees consumed mostly fruits, so seeing that greens take up about half of their diet was a revelation for me. The typical raw food diet demonstrates a huge improvement over the standard diet, but a diet high in greens will be much more beneficial to the human body for tons of great reasons that are easily searchable online and in books.

How do I take My Greens?
I drink them! Blending is my favorite way to go, and it is the most efficient way for the body to absorb the full nutrients and fibers. I add fruits like bananas, mangos or pears to make it a sweet smoothie. I consume about 32-74 ounces of a green drink per day. I also juice greens, leaning towards the wild greens, and I’m currently trying to get away from juicing fruits (too much sugar) at all. By blending or juicing the greens, you will easily get your entire day’s worth in one serving which should be about 2 lbs of greens.

Green drinks will supplement whatever diet you have currently chosen. They’re greeted with open arms by vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, paleo eaters, etc. It seems no one can dispute the health benefits of eating greens!

Also, for those wondering about Proteins and the amino acid profiles found in greens, check out The Perfect Analogy for Animal Protein vs. Plant Protein.

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