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Is Our Idea of Paradise the Same?

Yesterday I asked my friends on Facebook “What are the conditions you’d need in your world in order to feel like you were living in paradise?”

At first one may be tempted to think of the cliché scenario the movies tend to depict as “paradise”–a white sand beach, lime in a coconut and perfect weather. But I was pleased to find that the definition of paradise goes way beyond the individual and that most answers were pretty similar, which means that we’re closer to this paradise than we think! If we all take a role in this collective dream, we WILL make it happen.

I decided to take it a step further and turn it into an article because it just felt so friggin’ good to dream this dream. Just to imagine what it would be like if this paradise (that already exists in fragments dispersed all over the world), would be the reality for everyone everywhere is so inspiring and motivational.

This is what I envision as paradise:

Imagine ALL humans living in peace and in accordance to Nature.
Humans and Animals at peace

Clean air and water for all. 100% sustainable, organic, local food systems for everyone (just like the “permaculture” we know today). World-wide knowledge on preventive medicine with FOOD and self-healing and regeneration with no more need for pharmaceutical drugs and prescriptions. Hospitals would only be around for accidents and such. Home births and midwives are the norm. Eco-villages everywhere. Greenhouses and community gardens everywhere. Fruit trees everywhere. Abundance of high-vibrational, live foods for everyone rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals as they’re sourced from the BEST soils. 100% natural hygiene products used by all.


rooftop farm

Free energy for all and everything: Solar, wind, zero point, etc.

Free energy farm applesolarfarm1

Natural solutions for all types of pollution / waste from the “old world”.

Boyan Slat is a an inspiring young man who has invented a machine that can possibly remove all plastic from the ocean.

Boyan Slat is a an inspiring young man who has invented a machine that can possibly remove all plastic from the ocean.

Beautiful sustainable living structures, all made of hemp construction materials or recycled materials looking much like Earth Ships.

Earth Ship earthship1 earthship2

All humans living and acting in complete awareness and understanding to the reality that we’re all one entity (non-duality). Spirituality (non-religion) taught in schools – chakra systems, meditation, breathwork, soul-contracts / purpose, all forms of mind-body-spirt practices.

meditation school 4
An education where Arts, and growing our own foods is just as important as Math and Science.

No borders, passports, no immigration laws – the Earth as one land / nation.

No monetary system, not communism or socialism. Moneyless exchanges: service exchange, food exchange, energy exchange etc. Every interaction of nature is a perfect, simultaneous barter, why not use this same system?

bartering trading


Foodscaping in Switzerland. Every home in the neighborhood produces food that is then exchanged / bartered with other neighbors.

food forest seattle

Food Forest in Seattle, Washington

At this point, instead of focusing on fixing all our problems, we will already be at the point in our evolution where we are free and capable of exploring the vast and infinite Universe around us, so activities like Astral Projection would be the norm, where anyone can visit and explore any point of the universe and time as they please.

Art by Nicole Johnson

Art by Nicole Johnson

What is your idea of Paradise? Does it differ from mine? Is there anything you would add? Feel free to leave a comment below! Much love to you all. Namaste ❤

Profile3Thank you for reading! This article was written by Diana Paez, a living foods devotee, natural hygienist, and lover of all that is LOVE for our people and planet.  If you liked this post, and want to show your appreciation please like, share or comment below. I’d love to hear from you! I am always open to any questions, suggestions, or comments. You are more than welcome to share the information in this article in your own blog or page, all I ask is that you link back to this post. Love, Peace and Health to you, friends. 

2 Responses to “Is Our Idea of Paradise the Same?”

  1. Andrew

    Thanks for sharing such lovely thoughts and images Diana. Who knows what will happen if we continue to(collectively) dream the same dream?!


    • Diana Paez

      Aww, thank you for reading and your sweet comment, Andrew! I truly believe we’re on our way 🙂 All these dreams are based on what’s real and happening now, so it seems that we’re just waiting for these solutions to spread now, and they are. And of course for the general population to become aware that the solutions already exist so that they realize we don’t need to wait for the government and “corporatocracy” to change or to lose power. We are the ones with the power to change, we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for!



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