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A few days ago my partner and I decided to try out a 1 day Water Fast. I’ve juice fasted before and felt the great benefits of a 5 day juice fast, but what I wasn’t aware of is the fact that juice fasting is not exactly “fasting”, rather, it’s considered “modified eating” by experts in the fasting community. Fasting is correctly defined as the complete absence of all substances except pure water. I recommend this video if you’d like to learn more about the amazing, endless benefits of water fasting:

Ancient Health & Spiritual Teachings
What ultimately triggered my current water fasting journey is a book called “The Essene Gospel of Peace”. I heard this book mentioned many times through Dan McDonald years ago when I had just started learning about the raw lifestyle, and it peaked my interest then, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that this magical book landed in my hands as a physical copy handed to me by a friend that had her own bizarre story about how it came back into her life.

The Essene Gospel of Peace

Claimed to have been written 1700 years ago, many consider it one of the most important books related to healing, diet and spiritual living. The author, Edmond Szekely Ph. D, states that “these writings represent only about a third of the complete manuscripts which exist in the Secret Archives of the Vatican”. He claims that these writings were actually taken from the Vatican’s secret vault, and it entails many teachings of Jesus that were edited from the bible in the 4th century. The book is said to have been written by the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Whether this is true or not, what is surprising to me is how this book is such a powerful documentation of Jesus’s teachings related to cleansing, detoxification and eating on every level. I personally don’t subscribe to any religion, and whether you believe in Jesus or not is not really the issue. This book is a beautiful representation of the correct health protocols regarding self-healing for humans on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

My Search for Living Water
After reading this book and making my decision to go on a water fast, I was inspired to go on a quest for the cleanest living water available in my area. By living water I mean: Raw, untreated water straight from the aquifer. Not bottled, no reverse osmosis, or filtered city tap water. I remembered my friend Mukhande who has a business in SoCal called The Fountain of Truth that provides fresh, raw, living spring water straight from the deep aquifers of Ojai or Big Bear Mountain. This website has incredible, in-depth information regarding Living Water, much of what I’m sharing here was sourced from there.

Thanks to this website, most of us don’t have to buy pure living water from someone else! FindASpring.com is an incredible resource created by Daniel Vitalis, allowing its users to search on a map their closest fresh spring water source. This is a great way to get out into nature and learn how to source your own living water.

“Most spring companies today do not deliver you bottled Spring Water, they deliver you bottled, municipal Well water. Real spring water has been underground for decades, centuries, even millennia…before industry, before pollution, before nuclear weapon testing.. “
 -Daniel Vitalis

The Magic and Mysticism of Water
In this 3-part video, Daniel Vitalis talks about the magic and mysticism of water, towards the end of the video he explains what true LIVING Water is all about. He calls this presentation “Water Shamanism”. Watch the 1st part here:

Like the famous Masaru Emoto, Daniel talks about how he believes that water retains MEMORY, as it is a crystaline structure. It contains information that has been removed from the general population as we continue to drink dead, lifeless water. In his talk he tries to get us to move past questions like “what contaminants are in my water” into the 2.0 health consciousness by asking questions like “What is the living quality of this water”? “How much has this water been processed or adulterated?”

water crystal

What about bacteria and pollutants in spring water?
Since the water is sourced from thousands of feet deep within the Earth, the water coming out of the aquifers have never seen or been exposed to any human pollution. He goes on to explain that by drinking a 5 gallon bottle of water, you will have replaced all of the water in your body, making you 65-75% made out of the cleanest substance that is available anywhere in the world. It’s clear to me that this can ultimately change and drastically improve the quality of our cellular environment. And this is exactly what I want to use to cleanse my body during my fasts, and of course drink on a regular basis.

WHO reports health risks of low-mineral water
In Mukhande’s website I was surprised to find that even the World Health Organization (WHO) has a document online that describes the health risks from the consumption of demineralised or low-mineral water, such as a negative effect on homeostasis mechanisms.

Water is the Carrier of Consciousness
In this podcast, David Wolfe states that “Water is the carrier of consciousness.” “It nourishes our DNA”. No filter, no “alkaline” water system will ever compare to water from Pachamama’s natural source. It’s basically impossible to imitate her when it comes to the creation of this pure, magical element.

Thanks for reading friends! I will continue posting about more about my Pure Water Fasting experiences so stay tuned 🙂

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