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The face behind Conscious Nourishment

Lightning in a Bottle Festival – July 2013

I started Conscious Nourishment with the intention to share my love and excitement for the Raw Vegan Lifestyle. To me, it’s the most compassionate diet; one that causes the least amount of harm to our animal friends and our ecosystem and provides our bodies with an unparalleled nourishment rich with nutrients and enzymes. Switching to a high raw vegan foods lifestyle has really been a quantum leap in terms of taking my health and overall life to a whole new level.

Here’s an interview that explores how I went from a standard diet to a high raw vegan lifestyle. 

The changes I have experienced so far have been nothing short of amazing (even on 90-95% raw ) and I encourage you to go through the ‘Why Raw’ section to learn about all the shifts you can expect with this lifestyle.

Am I 100% Raw?
My experience and research has shown me that true health journey doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat 100% raw vegan. Tremendous benefits will be gained by simply incorporating more raw fruits, vegetables and whole plant-based foods into your diet. There are countless examples of how plant-based diets have helped people reverse diseases, lose weight, and transform their lives. I’ve also experienced impressive results by paying just as much attention to the detoxification process of my body. I’m still learning a great deal about my own body through experimentation. I started my raw vegan journey as an extremist that wanted to reach the depths of this way of living for as long as possible. The first few months of my 98-100% raw diet really detoxified me and I feel this is a very effective way to do so in combination with exercise and detox protocols. Keeping it at this percentage made it easier for me to stay disciplined as well. But as I went further along my journey, I found that it is better for me to stay flexible and to truly tune into my body by listening to its needs and trust it enough to provide what it’s asking for. So as a disclaimer, I am not 100% raw vegan nor am I claiming to be and I release any titles insinuating perfectionism or purism.Most days I eat fully raw because this is what my body is asking for. Other days, if I feel like having something steamed or cooked, I will and without any shame or guilt. As long as my intention is to keep my body healthy and satisfied, I will do so without any fear of negativity that may result if I eat foods that are cooked or high in fat every once in a while. As Wayne Dyer once said, “there’s no such thing as failure, only results.”

I also respect that a 100% life-long raw food diet may not be best for everyone because one’s health, ancestral diet, and climate / environment can vastly differ from another. In any case, I will continue my “mostly raw”, plant-based lifestyle and will continue to promote it because I strongly believe that eating mostly raw vegan is sustainable and highly beneficial for most people and our environment. I also feel that this way makes healthy eating more attractive and practical to those who are not looking for rigid, strict diets.

I hope that my blog can be an inspiration and guide for you on your health seeking journey. May you find peace, joy and vibrant health in your life!


Diana C. Paez

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