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baby cow

What we choose to eat makes a powerful statement about our ethics and our view of the world – about our very humanity. By not buying meat, eggs, and dairy products, we withdraw our support from cruelty to animals, undertake an economic boycott of factory farms, and support the production of cruelty-free foods.

Choosing to act with compassion is the ultimate affirmation of our humanity. From children and athletes to celebrities and grandparents, compassionate living is spreading – and easier than ever! Today, even small-town grocery stores can feature a variety of vegan foods and meat alternatives – a bounty unimaginable only a decade or two ago!

Please always make conscious choices that positively impact your life and the lives of all the earth’s creatures.

This video can really change one’s perception of eating animals. It is so well presented and can be an excellent way of introducing someone to veganism or reducing the intake of animal products at home.

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