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Green Living


Global warming is not only real but dangerous. After energy production, livestock is the second largest contributor to greenhouse grasses. Nearly 1/5 of all greenhouse gas is generated by livestock production. More than transportation. Methane is 20x more poisonous than CO2. And it’s not just methane. Livestock is also one of the biggest culprits in land degradation, air and water pollution, water shortages and loss of biodiversity. And there’s more. Half of the antibiotics are bit administered to people, but to animals. The numbing list goes on.

A plant diet based on locally grown / raised organic foods is the TRUE Global Peace Diet. The smallest amount of fossil fuels and water are needed to produce our food. These are the same fossil fuels which empower the polluters and tyrants of the Earth and aid to the destruction of our precious planet. Think about all the energy that goes into growing, transporting, and then cooking food. Whats even more ironic is that by cooking food, we are just destroying what we should be eating raw. It’s madness.

And then to clean our greasy dishes and sticky pans we have to use detergent, which is normally chemical-laden products that are then washed down the drain everyday and pollute our water systems. And no, this waste doesn’t get cleaned entirely by water treatment plants, some of these chemicals unfortunately go directly into and damage our aquatic ecosystems. With raw living foods, you won’t eat anything that requires soap to scrub off. And if you think about it, it’s the same with our bodies, you won’t have to worry about sticky residues and oils left behind in your veins and intestinal tract.

Raw, plant-based foods produced locally and wild foods are the cleanest and most ethical of all foods you can consume.

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