Pure Nutrition + High Vibrational Living


chakras raw vegan
My spirit dances when I’m giving my temple the proper fuel it needs. It is almost effortless for me to feel centered and in a good, stable mood. I used to have a bit of anxiety and a few episodes of mood swings per week (natural for Cancers lol),  that have now completely faded with this lifestyle. Specially after I stopped drinking alcohol. I am able to meditate easier and I am very present in my yoga practices and daily life. I also have a stronger sense of intuition and I feel like life simply flows easier through and around me. I go out and for the most part I feel that life is this one big party, and the Universe is treating me like a VIP, rolling out the red carpet and opening doors for me. Everything just seems to work better. My relationships, my communication skills and interaction with people, and my love for living life. I have a stronger connection to Nature now and have this much deeper, more profound gratitude for Mother Earth and all of the wonderful things she provides for us on a daily basis.

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