Pure Nutrition + High Vibrational Living

The Essentials

When it comes to ease and success in raw food preparation, a well stocked kitchen makes all the difference. But keep it simple and keep it natural! Some basic tools can help you accomplish a variety of tasks and eliminate unwanted clutter. Shy away from single-use gadgets whose only function can be performed with a skillfully used knife. When it’s time to purchase, go for quality and avoid unnatural or harmful materials such as aluminum (a known carcinogen), plastic ( a petrochemical that leaches harmful dioxins and PCBs) and Teflon.

Essential for making smoothies, sauces, raw nut cheeses and raw nut milks. Powerful high speed blenders are always the best choice for raw foods. Check out my top 4 picks for high speed blenders.

Food Processor
Look for a large bowl, a strong motor and a model that is easy to clean and assemble. Here are the ones I recommend.

Turning fresh nutritious fruits and vegetables into juice not only creates great beverages but also makes a flavorful addition to raw soup stock, sauces and marinades. A citrus juicer is another indispensable tool in the raw food kitchen. Though you can juice citrus in any juicer, citrus juicers are smaller, much easier to clean, and don’t require that you peel the fruit. Shopping for a new juicer? Check out my list of top juicers currently out in the market.

I have not purchased a dehydrator yet because I like to keep my recipes simple. But to some people these are necessary because they like making seed crackers, granolas, wraps, etc..without killing the living enzymes of the food. Make sure yours comes with some Teflex sheets or other non-stick pads to lay over the mesh trays. These make dehydrating a breeze and they clean up quickly.

Large Wood or Bamboo Cutting Board
At least 20×15 Inches

Two Quality Knives
High carbon stainless steel blades: an 8-inch chef’s knife and a pairing knife.

Stainless Steel Funnel
This is great to pour in liquids, foods or nuts into the blender or a mason jar without spilling outside of it. It’s come in handy many times for me.

These handy devices slice, julienne and shred vegetables so quickly, decoratively, and with so much ease. They earn their place in the top 10 list for their ability to turn zucchinis and other raw vegetables into noodles.

A less common tool called a spiralizer (also called a spiral slicer or a saladacco can also be used to turn vegetables into long curly noodles, salad toppings or garnishes.

Fine Mesh Strainers, Cheesecloth or Nutmilk bags
Many raw food recipes, like almond milk, call for straining through a cheese cloth. Fine mesh strainers do a nice job, but I prefer to use nutmilk bags to get the most liquid out in some cases.

Glass Jars
Great for storage of dry goods and prepared foods, glass jars come in most handy for fermenting foods. Raw nut cheeses, kim chi, sauerkraut and other pro-biotic raw foods are fermented and stored using glass or ceramic jars. Sprouting jars with their fine mesh caps also commonly make their appearance in the raw food kitchen. Sprouts are a great source of nutrients as well as anti-oxidants and sprouting them is so simple.

Measuring spoons and cups, rubber spatulas, a zester, tongs, kitchen scissors and a basting brush are but a few of the accoutrements that make your life in the kitchen that much easier and more enjoyable. Add to your collection little by little.

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