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Introduction to Raw Foods

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The following is an introduction to the world of raw living foods, supported by more than 50 years of research and experimentation by Dr. Edward Howell, and Dr. Norman W. Walker. Thanks to these brilliant and generous minds, many have learned how to conserve the internal balance of their bodies so that it restores its strength and capacity to maintain normal weight, effectively fight disease and powerfully enhance self-healing.


The concept of raw living foods may have more to offer as a permanent contribution to health than any system ever proposed.

Much of the disease we see in modern civilization is due to two underlying causes:

The first is the major culprit: Enzyme deficiency or undernutrition. This lays the groundwork, sets the stage and speeds the development of the degenerative diseases and ailments rampant today: cancer, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, premature aging and other conditions.

The second more highly advertised “cause” of disease can bring out trouble only if the first (undernutrition) has done its work well.  It comprises carcinogens, cholesterol, bacteria, x-rays, chemicals, food additives, tobacco, etc.

What are Enzymes?
Enzymes are a vital energy or life force for humans, plants and all micro-organisms. They are separate from calories, proteins, carbohydrates, or fats and can only be formed from organic living matter. Enzymes are the Life Force Energy of an organism. When enzyme activity stops, life stops and the person or organism dies!

Enzymes Life Force

So, how does this all tie in with our diet?

Cooking Destroys Enzymes.
High temperatures, as in cooking, destroy enzymes in natural foods. Temperatures higher than 118º, which is the temperature range for all cooking, frying, baking, boiling, broiling, etc, has been found to kill all enzymes in food, and many of the other nutrients.

But wait, humans have been cooking for a long time and aren’t we still ok?
Partly true. We’re only half sick (so far, only about 100 years in). The truth is, disease and cookery originated simultaneously. And cooking must be held accountable for killing hundreds of food enzymes, which are the most delicate and precious elements that nature and foods can offer us.

Have you stopped to think why wild animals are way healthier than humans?
Just think about this, when have you ever heard of a wild animal, such as a lion or elephant being rushed to the hospital with a heart attack? Or any jungle animal hobbling along painfully on deformed arthritic joints? A wild female chimpanzee or gorilla with a breast eaten into by cancer? Have you stopped to think why the most intelligent species is the only species on this planet suffering with a number of devastating health conditions?? The number 1 killer in children these days is cancer! Kids with cancer?

It is obvious that the reason  wild animals are disease free is due to their superb nutrition. Among the many thousands of species of creatures living on this earth, only humans and some of their domestic animals try to live without food enzymes. Wild animals subsist on raw, natural food with enzymes—not cooked food. Domesticated animals suffer from the same diseases and illnesses we do because we feed them destroyed, dead food.

But don’t we produce our own enzymes?
Yes, but there is not an infinite supply of these in our bodies. We use up so much of our enzymes – our own life force, to digest and liquify cooked foods throughout our lifetime that it depletes us of it to the point where our organs, glands and other body functions stop working. We’ve been conditioned to think that it is normal for old age to bring osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, etc., when this is not normal at all, it is a product of a lifetime of extremely damaging diets. Edward Howell’s fundamental research shows that every organism appears to receive a specific sum total of “vitality” rather than a definite number of days. Life runs out its course according to the velocity of “wear and tear” of the body. Every child is born with a definite amount of enzyme potential, and it can either be saved or wasted, used too rapidly or slow and sparingly. The enzyme potential can be made to last longer when outside enzyme reinforcements (raw foods) are taken in.

We don’t come into this world with stoves and cooking pans.
Consider that a human baby, like an infant animal, is given raw food having a full complement of enzymes, from the breasts of its mother. If it needed cooked food for survival, it would have been provided with it. But in fact, a newborn infant has no need for cooked food. A cooking stove, which is a human invention, doesn’t come permanently attached as a part of the anatomy of a newly born infant.

Enzymes are substances that make life possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body.

Enzymes are the true yardstick of vitality in an organism. That which is referred to as vitality, vital force, vital energy, life force, is synonymous with that which has been known as enzyme activity, enzyme value, enzyme energy, enzyme vitality and enzyme content. The role of enzymes are crucial to all living organisms:

1. Enzymes are required for the proper and normal functioning of every organ system. They direct, accelerate, modify, or retard all body functions.

2. Enzymes serve as the body’s labor force to perform every single function required for our daily activities and are required to keep us alive.

3.They are responsible for all of the functions of every organ system in our bodies.

4.They are most important in supporting our body defenses and immune system to protect us from harmful forces and specific dangers to our health.

5. We require enzymes not only to eat, digest, and absorb our nutrients, but also to see, hear, smell, taste, breathe, and move.

6. Enzymes are required for our blood and coagulation system, cardiovascular functions, kidneys, liver, elimination of toxic products, excretion, reproduction, etc.

7. They help to build new cells and tissues as needed, and to remove waste as required.

8.Together with the immune cells and mediators, they help to destroy harmful elements, such as infections, pollution, carcinogens, and other noxious agents that develop within our bodies, either as a result of our own metabolism, or from exposure, ingestion, inhalation, administration, etc. They eliminate early cancerous cells developing in the body.

9. They are essential for repairing damaged tissues, controlling excessive inflammation, inducing proper fluid in our blood which prevents abnormal coagulation, and many more functions. They perform their functions as bio-catalysts that are not used up in their labor, but are able to break down the substances required by the body (nutrients, trace elements, body proteins, damaged tissues, etc.), and then use and reuse the breakdown components as building blocks for all our needs.

An Enzyme Rich Diet is ideal for Therapy and Normal Weight
Foods endowed with enzymes normalize body weight and reverse problems like diabetes, obesity and other common health problems. There are now countless videos on YouTube and documentaries that demonstrate the miraculous healing capabilities of the human body when it is given proper nutrition – a diet rich with enzymes and nutrients from fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds.

As the old saying goes “we are what we eat”. When our diet consists of 80% or more of cooked, processed, destroyed food with no life, it is no surprise we are sick, and lacking life. 


By consuming the Standard American Diet, we’re recklessly using up all of our enzymes and depleting our precious life force to digest and assimilate this dead, processed junk. Every single day of our life, and most of us from our early childhood.

To match feature USA-OBESITY/

Yet on the other hand, I’ve seen videos of people in their 60s and 70s that have been eating a fully raw living diet for decades, and they show little to no signs of aging. Their appearance is fresh, youthful and alive! I’ve also seen and heard about people in third world countries that have lived way beyond their 100s, and it could very well be due to a lifestyle that has not been subjected to the “conveniencies” of modern civiliztion such as a kitchen with heating appliances. They eat simple, local foods in their most natural state.

Can you imagine what the human race would be like if we were to become conscious of this issue? What it would be like if we all knew how to properly fuel our bodies? Aside from living a much more healthier, youthful and longer life, we would be incredibly more advanced. The best food in the world will make us more intelligent. Complete sources of protein, quality minerals, essential fatty acids, and enzyme sources of raw plants are the proper fuels for our brain and all of its functions. They will improve our ability to utilize our intellect.  There is no doubt in my mind that raw living foods concept is absolutely the answer to so many of our current problems; health, spiritual and environmental. If I can attest that it has completely changed my life, my way of thinking, dreaming, living and loving for the better, the impact it would have on a collective basis would be a true and drastic paradigm shift.  An evolution of consciousness! I see this movement spreading quickly and it’s giving me a great sense of optimism for the future of our species.

raw foods evolution dna

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please share this with someone you know. Please help spread this awareness as a service to your species and our planet.

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