Pure Nutrition + High Vibrational Living



Switching to this lifestyle has provided me such an incredible mental clarity. My mind is calmer and it is so much easier for me to focus on someone’s words, or what I’m reading. My thoughts are centered and steady.

I see now that improving my mind has followed my diet easily because I suddenly became so passionate about learning by reading, watching lectures or other educational videos. For example, I resonate so much more now with documentaries rather than movies. I don’t get the same fulfillment from watching movies anymore, so now I’m constantly looking for documentaries. And this is certainly because my mind is now fueled by pure foods, clean and living and it seems that it just wants to keep on growing now. Our brain obviously functions on the fuel we give it.

Try eating a diet high in raw foods for 1 to 2 weeks, and then go back to eating a standard cooked meal again. I’ve done this and I could always, instantly tell the difference.

But most of all, I truly feel that this is the way we are SUPPOSED to feel and that the modern diet has dimmed our mental capacities to the point where most people just want to watch TV and do other pointless activities whenever there’s free time. We just want to “relax”, but it’s really the lack of energy and mental fog that has them so weighed down. So when we nourish ourselves properly, we are enhancing the abilities of our brain.

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