Pure Nutrition + High Vibrational Living



Instantly shed 10 lbs! Taken about a month after going 100% Raw Vegan

This was the primary motivation for getting into the raw foods lifestyle. Originally I wanted to lose a little bit of that extra thigh and belly fat and came across information about the lymphatic system, which blew my mind entirely. Everyone is so concerned about what they’re eating and completely oblivious to the body’s elimination system. Learning about how to pump and workout the lymphatic system led me to the work of Dan McDonald and Dr. Doug Graham, which are both strong advocates of a low fat raw vegan diet. I decided to go all in, 801010. After only a month of following this low fat, low protein, high carb diet (in fruits and vegetables), I lost over 10 lbs! And these were 10 stubborn lbs that I had been trying to lose for years. All I would do to workout is jump on my mini trampoline (which is probably the best way to pump your lymphatic system), bike about 20 miles per week and do kundalini or vinyasa yoga. Nothing too intense. My face became more chiseled, my waist shrunk, my thighs shrunk and everyone could tell the difference right away.

I think many approach the living foods lifestyle initially for vanity, and because of my results and experience, I KNOW that this is the diet for beauty – both inside and out. Most desire to feel beautiful – this is a sure way to achieve that. It will come from within.

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