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Meditation Insights: The Meaning of Life Purpose and How to Find It

Moment of transparency. Here we go! So I’ve been dealing with a challenge for quite some time now. It’s called “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” syndrome. Since I was young, I’ve always felt that I would somehow change the world or do something that would impact the world. Now as I reach my 30s, it’s only natural that I am questioning what I am doing for the world, and I’ve been feeling a little disappointed that I have not become some type of “Master-Legend-Bruce Lee type” at something as I expected. I’m also a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work that I’m doing by running 3 different projects / businesses. I remember introducing myself in a circle of people, where I had to say my name and what I do, and I was dreading the idea of doing so because I don’t do just one thing. I wear many hats and it’s awkward to have to explain all of them. So I always have to choose one, and this doesn’t feel authentic. Marie Forleo made me feel better by calling this syndrome “multi-passionate”. And perhaps I’ve been too hard on myself over this, I admit. But I do feel that I am following my heart and my passions, and that’s about all that has been able to counteract these suffering thoughts.

Receiving Messages Through Meditation
I’ve been practicing meditation almost every day now these last few weeks, and sometimes I receive surprisingly clear messages. I believe that the more I meditate, the more I am developing my clair-audient skills, because in several occasions I’ve heard (through my mind like telepathy) certain random words while meditating that I could somehow decipher as not being exactly my own imagination. Or sometimes I randomly think or remember certain things. And at the moment they don’t make any sense, but then as I continue my day or week, they become an incredible insight or message. These ‘aha’ moments I believe are messages sent from guides or the higher self. This Ted Talks does a beautiful job at illustrating that this is a phenomenon that has been occurring to others since Ancient times. In any case, from my personal experience, this is how I discovered Ormus, so I fully trust that listening to these messages is important, insightful and valid in my reality.

Today during meditation I realized that all the projects and businesses I am involved with have one thing in common: Minerals. My family’s company is SmartKlean (an eco-friendly and health-friendly alternative to laundry detergent). SmartKlean’s Laundry Ball works with Earth Minerals. Conscious Nourishment is mainly about health, but it’s main focus is Mother Earth’s abundance of foods (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, elements) and how to get them into our system in the best way possible. Elemental Uplift is my jewelry design company that uses Earth Minerals (Crystals / Gemstones).

This led to another realization that there’s something else they all have in common. They are all meant to heal others in one or all of these aspects; Physical (body / health / environment), Mind (awareness, consciousness), and Spirit (metaphysical, emotional). This is another message I’ve been receiving recently and many times. That I am a “healer” although I am not certified or trained as one. See, my idea of a healer has always been one that of a shaman, reiki, therapist, holistic doctor, etc. I don’t think of myself or introduce myself as a “healer”. I think of myself as an artist or creative.

Then, through my meditation, I also clearly heard the word “Staccato”. I play the piano so I know it means: Detached, or each sound or note sharply separated from others. I didn’t know what that could be referring to until I wrote this down and put these two insights together:

Although these three projects may seem “detached”, they’re all part of the same symphony.

WOW. My mind was blown. That’s the message. That’s the insight. I know it because I put it together so rapidly and it felt as if it lifted a ton of bricks off my back. I laughed and teared up. Clearly an emotional release.

As this awareness settles in, I am extremely grateful because it’s provided a completely different perspective in how I view my work life. Instead of focusing negatively on the idea that I am doing too much and not focused on one thing, I realized I am focused on one thing through different mediums, which is healing on all levels to all the people I connect with in my work life. Marketing, branding, graphics, art (which I am professionally trained for) are all my creative power tools, but my purpose, my dharma here is healing and raising consciousness. That feels right just saying it. It rings true.

What’s Your Purpose in Life?
If you’re searching for your purpose in life, perhaps my realization could offer this advice: One’s purpose doesn’t necessarily translate to one’s career in life. Purpose is an essence that originates from the heart put into action. An act that stems from the seed of true passion. And yes, I’ve heard this concept many times, but I didn’t truly grasp it until now. I’ve been searching for something for so long, without knowing it’s already there, right in front of me.

I’ve realized that my purpose is the driving force that makes me write these posts for nothing in exchange. It is the comfort and beauty I feel when I’m designing my jewelry. It is the care for the environment and health of others fostered through my work at SmartKlean. The things I’d do even if money didn’t exist. Even if you don’t find yourself succeeding at one thing, just being open to acting on the things that make your heart sing is living a life of purpose. The rest will follow. Just be patient. I’m still working on that part 🙂 Just yesterday I learned that many of the most successful people in this world started their business from their own hobbies.

Keep an open dialogue with yourself
This is something that’s just as important as meditating: keep a journal! Make a habit to keep a journal updated, specially for dreams and meditation. If it wasn’t for me writing this down today, I would’ve never discovered the message. The insight would have flown right past me.

Although nothing has changed, I feel like a new person just by acknowledging a different perspective of myself. I know that I’m living my purpose by following my passions and putting work into what makes me “feel good” in service of others.  My work will continue to evolve, and perhaps my purpose will deepen or go beyond anything I’ve ever expected, but in the end it’s truly the journey that teaches one about the destination.

Profile3Written by Diana Paez.  If you liked this post, and want to show your appreciation please like, share or comment below. I’d love to hear from you! I am always open to any questions, suggestions, or comments. You are more than welcome to share the information in this article in your own blog or page, all I ask is that you link back to this post. Love, Peace and Health to you, friends!

2 Responses to “Meditation Insights: The Meaning of Life Purpose and How to Find It”

  1. Tara

    Wow! I was going some research for an art piece I’m creating and I ran into our blog. You articulated everything that I’ve had in my head and my heart. I’ve struggled with my purpose as a creative for many years, wondering if I was accomplishing my real purpose and what you’ve said here has resonated like I would have wrote it myself. Thank you for writing this and following your heart, passion and following what resonates!
    My website is under construction and will be available to view in the next couple weeks!



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