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Popeye – Simple Green Smoothie Recipe

This is a staple smoothie in our home. It is the easiest to make, the most budget friendly, and so amazingly good to you and your taste buds!

• Spinach (4-6 cups)
• 3-4 bananas (make sure they’re freckled indicating they are ripe)
• 4-5 Dates (optional for added calories & sweetness)
• Ice
• Water or Cocowater to give it an extra delicious flavor.

Serves 1 or 2.

Supercharge it! Add chia seeds to add a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants or hemp seeds to add all 9 amino acids for an excellent source of protein. With the hemp seeds, it’s a perfect post workout treat to build those muscles!

Nutiva.com sells Chia & Hemp Seeds. You can also find them in WholeFoods.

And here are 10 amazing benefits of Green Smoothies:
1. Detoxing & Alkalizing
2. Anti-Inflammatory
3. Better Digestion
4. Increased Consumption of Greens
5. Chlorophyll for Blood
6. Natural Weight Loss
7. Clearer Skin
8. Mental Clarity and Focus
9. Antioxidants
10. Increased Energy

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