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EMF Radiation: The Slow, Silent Killer and Powerful Solutions (Beyond Raw Foods)

I’d like to step outside the world of nutrition for a bit and shed some light on a very serious health subject that is hidden and massively affecting our wellness without our knowing. And if you live in a city and use a cell phone or any type of wireless device, pay attention. 

Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) can be silent killer. Whether this genocide is on purpose or simply a by product of greed, is up for debate. But I think it’s totally a part of agenda 21 – definitely on purpose. And before you discard this as a “conspiracy theory”, keep reading and educate yourself on the facts.

Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century!” ~ Dr. Andrew Weil, Leading Health Expert

Elitist social engineers like David Rockefeller said “All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.“ Well, this growing electromagnetic smog is part of that crisis.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, says we are in the midst of the largest human experiment in our history due to the influx and exponential growth of harmful EMF. Even the international Agency for Research on Cancer concluded offcially, that exposure to cell phone radiation is a carcinogen in the same category as DDT, Lead and Carbon Monoxide in the development of Cancer.

In September 2007, the EU’s European Environment Agency (EEA)1 and the country of Germany2 both issued warnings to their citizens advising them to avoid the use of WiFi and cell phones until further long term studies are conducted, citing fears that the ubiquitous use of wireless technology has the potential to become the next public health disaster on the level of tobacco smoking, asbestos, and lead in automobile gas (as reported by The BioInitiative Working Group3).
Source: (Natural News)

Dr. Martin Blanc of Columbia University is one of the leading experts in the entire world on the effects of EMF’s to our DNA . Dr. Blanc is adamant when he says that “there is evidence of harm, and that the harm can be significant”. In fact, the military has admitted to using and testing extremely low frequencies as weapons and if the military is weaponizing radio frequencies, there’s a pretty good chance that it’s no good for us to be around this stuff 24/ 7.

Cell phone addiction
Yet our world is absolutely saturated by it and people love their cell phones so much, they become addicted to it, literally, figuratively and essentially blind to the consequences because these radio frequencies are invisible.

According to expert Barrie Trower, physist and former miltiary expert on microwave radiation, “cell towers should not be within a mile and a half of humans, yet they’re deliberately placed on medical buildings within densely populated housing areas and on schools and recreation areas. It’s a living tragedy in slow motion.”

This is literally an invisible genocide, a slow kill if you will, of the general population, yet to this day, if you complain about the health effects of EMF, ignorant people will call you crazy as they cook their microwave bacon on their microwave with warning labels all over it.

Barrie Trower

“Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.” – Albert Einstein.

How true is that? The same people that make fun of EMF sensitivity syndrome have likely done zero research, no testing, and no reading on the subject, and yet, you’re crazy for even bringing it up. “You’re a consipary theorist”. Even though this is hard science.

This kind of ignorance is the reason we’re in this situation, because trust me, if more people complain or file legal petitions, they would back off. It’s been done.


I am about solutions, not just discussing and bringing up the problems. I’m writing this blog post NOT to make people afraid, I am saying this so people can protect themselves immediately in the short term, and also start working on some of these long term solutions such as filing petitions and campaigns online, and startng a grassroots movement that will show them that we will not comply to this Agenda 21.


“Civil obedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless and corrupt”. – Mahatama Gandhi

We have the right to an electromagnetic spectrum of energy that is healthy, just as we have the right to breathe fresh air and drink pure water. These are unalienable rights. And if we want to survive as a species, we need to start becoming aware of the issues that are threatening our very own existence.

Save the Humans

Let’s get millions of people to all tell them the same thing, and let’s see how they deal with it. They will back off and we will be healthy and free. Period.

The good news is this: Even slightly reducing your exposure can have a HUGE and positive effect on your health.

Cell Phones
First lets talk about everyday gadgets that most people have become addicted to, as I said that have become quite toxic, and then we’ll talk about simple solutions. Cell phones are toxic. You can feel it if you’re sensitive enough. What they call ‘cell phone headache’, ocurrs when those waves penetrating through your skull directly into your brain. Fatigue and listlessness have been documented along with depression, anxiety and frequent mood changes. There can also be a lack of energy and motivation, and even trouble with concentration, and specially memory.

Don't ever

This microwave radiation attacks the areas of the brain that control agression. We’ll also see people become agitated and stressed after periods of long cell phone conversations. And as we have seen, it is linked to cancer. But you’ll never guess that by looking at the reports funded by the wireless companies themselves. The mainstream media is putting out reports of scientific studies, but they’re funded by the wireless companies themselves.

You can
A. Get rid of your cell phones altogether. And join millions of purposefully cellphone less humans around the world.
B. If you can’t do that because work doesn’t allow it, or out of necessity, try these simple suggestions:
• Turn off the cellphone whenever you’re not using it, and simply periodically check it throughout the day and return those calls.
• Keep the cell phone turned off at night or on Airplane Mode. Some people sleep with their cell phones on right by their head on the night stand. These people are bathing in toxic EMF all night long. And of course, this can even counter the normal healthy effects of normal sleep.
• Proximity is everything. Keep it at a distance. Use the speaker phone feature on the cell phone if you have to use it.
• Also if you have it turned on, keep it at least 8 feet away from the body for best results.
• Generally speaking use it if you have to at all and keep it turned off as much as possible.
• Even the seemingly safe, arcaheic chordless phones for landlines are toxic. Even when the receiver is off or away from you, the cradle is constantly searching for connection. So you’re being bathed with that all the time with that as well.

I’m waiting for scalar wave cell phones to be invented so that I can be healed as I talk rather than being irridated and sickened. This technology actually exists and we must bring it to market and show there is demand.

Baby Monitors

Those baby monitors are not good either and they’re right next to your precious little child who’s brain and skull is not fully developed and they are much more vulnerable to toxic EMF’s than adults are, so I’d really get rid of that as fast as possible. Most baby monitors are now advertised as using DECT phone technology which runs 2.4 GHz which is the same as the microwave oven frequency.

Let’s talk about Wi-Fi Routers.

It’s like having a small radio station at your house. Whenever it’s turned on, it’s pulsing and emitting toxic radio frequencies in your living space. And remebmer, whenvever you walk into a room, hotel or café, you’re surrounded by other people’s EMF pollution coming through the walls and filtering EMF pollution into your space as well. So it’s not just your devices and gadgets, it’s everyone elses in any public space.

Plug your computer directly in (with ethernet cable). You’ll get a more consistent, faster connection to the internet, and you won’t have to worry about your health while you work. Also, turn off your Airport on your computer to make sure the loop is closed and you don’t have your computer constantly searching for a signal.

Last but not least, this is important. Call your cable provider, and have them turn off the wireless signal to your router. Even when plugging directly in, and turning everything off on your end, your router will still have Wi-Fi on and search for a connection. (There’s another solution for this: Orgonite – read on).

Video Games
It used to be that you would just worry about the effect of chaotic flicker rate in the graphics, and violent content for your kids. Now video game consoles are wireless so they radiate your kids as they play. Not good.

Wireless Video Games EMF Solution?
You can buy an old system without wi-fi that use regular wire controllers. Call it vintage game play, your kids might dig it.

Blue tooth: Unfortunately blue tooth is part of this toxic feedback loop and is harmful to your body as well and we should avoid it like the black plague. It’s important to sacrifice convenience for health. Specially these days.

Wireless mouse and keyboards
This goes for these devices as well. Get the old wired versions and save your money on batteries, and enjoy them always working and having better connectivity anyway while also keeping you healthy.

Cell Towers
The experts say that cell towers should not be within a mile and a half of human beings. But obviously the government is not listening. These emit powerful frequencies, yet as of now we have no control over where they can be placed. We are being radiated as if we were on the deck of an aircraft carrier 24/7.

This absolutely has to change if we want to survive. No more being divided, no more trolls on websites, let’s just do this for the sake of all people whether we agree with the details or not.


A.Try to live or find a place that is at least 2 miles or more away from the nearest cell phone tower.

If that isn’t possible, it is important to protect yourself with orgonite. It is crystal technology that creates a scalar wave electromagnetic “shield” or protection against EMF harmful waves of all kinds, including cell towers.

I’m now making these myself at home and will be selling these soon for those who don’t want to make them. You can also message me if you want me to make one for you. I will also be providing instructions on how to make them yourself.


my orgonite

One of my first Orgonite Devices. The copper shape on top is called a Triskelion.

One of my first pieces of orgonite. HHGIt doesn’t prevent the waves from coming in, in converts them into a healthy and healing wave form that is biologically compatible with the phsyiology of organic human beings. Again, this is hard science also known as Scalar Wave Technology. These devices, built in “Cloud Buster” form even knock off chemtrails out of the sky. You can view the following links for more information and proof of this.


What is Orgonite? By Spirit Science

Quick Facts about Orgonite

  • Easy to make. Works continuously.
  • Turns negative energy into positive energy.
  • Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, ends drought.
  • Helps plants grow better, repel pests & require less water.
  • Mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation.
  • Disarms and repels predatory forms of life.
  • Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods.
  • Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares.
  • Helps awaken your innate psychic senses.

There are tons of videos on YouTube of people teaching how to make them. It’s not hard and fairly inexpensive to make. There are many people that sell them as well on eBay. I see it as an grassroots movement and antidote against the toxic ethereal and psychic poision that is occurring in our modern civilization.

Smart Meters


These are very insiduos, dangerous and totally uncenessary considering the old ochool meters work great. These smart meters are the oppostie -very unwise-, and create massive toxicity and the electromagnetic smog becomes exponential in combination with these other threats in the home and outside the home.

These Smart meters are constantly pulsing and there is no way of turning them off and there is no getting away from it if it’s on your home or next to it. It is radiating and bathing your family with microwave frequencies and low frequency RF. Very dangerous. But all cities in general are becoming as toxic as they’ve ever been in human history, right now. Simply don’t comply to Smart meters. Give them a cease and desist. Threaten them with a law suit, tell them you absolutely will not do it, protest it, whatever you do don’t allow this to happen in your space. Again, if you’re not able to get rid of these from your home, put an orgon device on or around it and on your home’s main breaker.

orgonite smart meter

CFL Bulbs
These new lightbulbs they are pushing are full of mercury and even when functioning properly they emit chemical reactions and toxic frequencies. Don’t simply take my word for it , you can look at the small print on the packaging itself. There’s usually a warning label that says that if you so much as break one of these bulbs you have to call this number, or hire a team of NRC people (National Response Center) to the cost of maybe even $1200 in one case to come and clean your mercury filled toxic air.


Now think about how many of these will break and enter landfills and contaminate ground water around the globe. It’s absoltuely unfathomable and it’s called a “Green Lightbulb”. It is NOT environmentally safe, it is NOT green, it’s the complete opposite of that. It’s contaminating and creating toxic waste for the environment and your home if you break them. Not to mention it’s shaped like a receiver because it is a receiver, a “transceiver” actually because it can emit and receive frequencies and it’s basically the beginning of an internet of “things” . It is essentially promoting an entire wireless household where even your appliances can commuincate with eachother which can be online and send back information and even spy on you in your own home and send back information to government. Yes this is the evolution of the NSA.


You can buy a bunch of old bulbs. You can find them on craigslist and ebay. Buy a couple of years worth if possible.

Overally simplify your life and get rid of as much as these gadgets that are toxic and harmful to you as possible, and turn them off if you can’t get rid of them. Monitor their proximity how close they are to you as much as possible. Go out to nature as much as possible to get away from EMF’s and recharge your body with natural Earth frequencies.

Reconnect with Earth's Natural Frequencies

Have a beautiful, peaceful happy life free of EMF. There are free documentaries on EMF and how to protect yourself from it on this site if you’d like to learn more:


Profile3Thank you for reading! This article was written by Diana Paez, a living foods devotee, natural hygienist, and raw chef in the making.  If you liked this post, and want to show your appreciation please like, share or comment below. I’d love to hear from you! I am always open to any questions, suggestions, or comments. You are more than welcome to share the information in this article in your own blog or page, all I ask is that you link back to this post. Love, Peace and Health to you, friends. ❤

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